When the death of a loved one occurs there are some steps you may need to take. These steps will ensure medical and legal professionals carry out their duties so then funeral arrangements can begin to take place.

Notify the doctor. If the death has occurred at home you will need to contact the family doctor to certify the death.

Notify the next of kin and family members. If you are on your own one of your first phone calls should be to a family member or a close friend who can be of immediate support. They may be able to come and be with you or contact other family members for you. Their assistance will take some of the immediate pressure off you.

Notify the deceased’s solicitor or executor of the will. In some circumstances the deceased may have left funeral instructions in their will they wished to be carried out.

Phone Papatoetoe Funeral Cottage to make funeral arrangements, then take some time to think about the family’s wishes. There is a common misunderstanding that a funeral must take place within three days of the death. This is not so in most cultures, and you can take as long as you wish or as much time as you need. Often family members come from overseas for a funeral and you may need to allow time for them to arrive.

Ceremony & Services

Unscertanty and confusion is often felt over where to commence, what is required and as to who will be doing it. We are here to help and support you with every step through this difficult time.

We have the following facilities to help you
  • Peaceful, serene viewing and arrangement rooms
  • An on-site, non-denominational Chapel
  • Music – we can supply an organ and organist
  • Modern funeral cars, to transport your loved one
  • Beautiful flowers from our friendly, local florist
  • Your own flowers can be added to the arrangement if desired
  • Catering – we provide catering to suit all needs in our rooms
  • Help with headstones, memorials and plaques
  • Service Sheets – Personalised and tailored service sheets
  • Purpose designed cottage onsite for family to stay

Steps you may need to take

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